Multiple Klipper Instances on Pad7

Here are the Linux commands I used in the Multiple Klipper Instances on Pad7 video. You should be able to copy and past them directly into Putty.

Install Git

sudo apt-get install git -y

Install and Run KIAUH (Klipper install and update helper)

cd ~ && git clone

Reboot Device

sudo reboot

Change Host Name (Optional)

sudo nano /boot/system.cfg
sudo reboot

Create KlipperScreen config file

sudo cat>KlipperScreen.conf

Edit KlipperScreen config file

sudo nano ./KlipperScreen.conf

job_complete_timeout: 0
job_error_timeout: 0
default_printer: Ender3V2
use_default_menu: True

[printer Ender3V2]
moonraker_host: localhost
moonraker_port: 7125
moonraker_api_key: False

[printer Ender3Pro]
moonraker_host: localhost
moonraker_port: 7126
moonraker_api_key: False

[printer Printer3]
moonraker_host: localhost
moonraker_port: 7127
moonraker_api_key: False

Then use ctrl+q to quit, make sure to hit y to save the file.

Verify KlipperScreen config file

sudo cat ./KlipperScreen.conf

Restart KlipperScreen

sudo service KlipperScreen restart

Create Klipper Firmware

cd ~/klipper/
make menuconfig

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