Meet Creality Falcon2 Pro 60W, The First  60W Enclosed Laser Engraver & Cutter

CrealityFalcon Is Founding!

Over the years, the technology behind laser engraving has seen significant advancements, with machines becoming more efficient, compact, and powerful. Yet, for all its benefits, there are also some pain points we are facing now. Primarily due to concerns about high cost, poor user experience, health worries, and difficulty operating. Based on the above issues, numerous companies worldwide are trying to satisfy the different needs of users. This is why Creality is launching a new brand——CrealityFalcon.

By providing machines, software, materials, and tutorials, CrealityFalcon is trying to expand the boundary of creation, inspire creative ideas, increase the fun of creation, and speed up creativity.

In this evolving market, CrealityFalcon’s newest offering, Falcon2 Pro 60W, has emerged as a significant player, combining safety with powerful performance, to lead you to a pleasant and free life.

Creality 60w Falcon 2

Let’s take a look at the new Creality Falcon2 Pro 60W in greater detail.

The First 60W Enclosed Laser Cutter

Open-frame diode laser machines have their advantages in terms of cost, but as they push the envelope with higher wattages and speeds, they inevitably raise safety concerns. Enclosed machines offer a higher degree of safety but often come with a price tag that deters many and, in some instances, limitations on performance.

Creality Falcon2 Pro 60W aims to keep users safe and satisfied. It’s the first 60W enclosed laser cutter. High-performance 60W laser module and enclosed design are two big reasons why it stands out.

The 60W laser module has peak cutting power and can cut 3mm metal, 22mm basswood board, 30mm acrylic in one pass, expanding the boundaries of material use allows you to explore more creative possibilities and live a freer and better life.

Creality 60w laser 2

Boosts Your Business to the Next Level.

High-precision camera combined with an image algorithm ensures perfect positioning of the material at all times, which subsequently allows precision machining even for small details.  The top-mounted camera on the machine can cover the entire workspace(400*400mm), allowing you to simultaneously process multiple materials, increase your work efficiency, work in batches easier.

Creality 60w camera

Super 60W Laser Module, Dual Improvement in Power and Efficiency

The module has optimized its cooling system, reduces power loss. While optimized algorithms and control systems, the higher the power, the less time. the cutting efficiency of the 60W has significantly improved for the same materials cutting.

For basswood cutting of the same thickness, the efficiency of 60W is 300% higher than that of 22W, which can help you shorten a 1.5-day task to one day. Save much time and earn a lot!

Creality 60w speed

Patented Technology-Intelligent Beam Adjustment

But the Falcon2 Pro 60W isn’t just 60W laser power. It’s also a powerhouse in terms of technology. The device introduces robust patented technology, 3-level intelligent beam adjustment.This highlights the first great feature of this machine, not only can you switch 60W, 40w, 22w, but it is very easy to do so, 3 in 1, freely switch between multiple scenarios.

With 60W power, you can make some large-scale home decorations, achieving peak cutting of 18mm basswood; with 40W fast cutting power, you can efficiently cut 10mm basswood; with 22W laser power, you can cut 5mm bassboard quickly and achieve fine engraving.

One machine handles all, helps to create easier and get profit easier.

Creality 60w beam adjustment

Bonus 1.6W Engraving Laser Module

1.6W engraving laser module as a free gift to initial users. This high-precision tool can engrave perfect details, enable you to preserve beautiful moments. You can handle a diverse range of engraving materials, from wood, leather, and acrylic to precious metals and more. This is very helpful for customizing personalized gifts and can help you provide more special products.

Not only that, the 1.6W laser module can perfectly engrave photos and help you save beautiful moments, such as wedding photos and other important moments, unlocking endless creative possibilities.

Creality 60w engraving

User-friendly Designs and Priority Safety

And Creaality Falcon2 Pro 60W really takes safety seriously. It is Class-1 safety certification enlosed 60W diode laser machine and you can fully operate it without wearing protective goggles. Fully enclosed fire resistant  design ensures no laser leakage and large high transparency cover guarantees eye-friendly qualities. The device also includes a powerful smoke exhaust system that quickly discharges harmful gases. You can enjoy peaceful cutting and engraving at home. However, that’s just the beginning of the safety features. It also offers flame detection, open-lid emergency stop functionality, tilt/impact detection, and an emergency stop button.

In addition, 60W also adopts some thoughtful designs to enhance your usage experience. Pull-out drawers can help you store creative debris and clean up quickly. Its cover is push-pull, which is more suitable for use in small spaces and allows for better placement.

Creality 60w laser FDA

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Promotion time: 5.24-6.15
During the initial sales period, the 60W engraving machine will be offered at a 15% discount. 
① Global first sales of 200 units
② For the first 0-100 orders, customers will receive a gift worth $199. For orders 101-200, customers will receive a gift worth $50.
③ Among the customers who place orders during the initial sales period, one person will be chosen for a free order.

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