CR-Scan Otter: A Highly Versatile 3D Scanning Solution

The CR-Scan Otter is a multipurpose 3D scanning system that can be used for both personal and business purposes, according to Creality’s CR-Scan series. The affordability and ease of use of this series’ connectivity with PCs and mobile devices are highly valued. With its precision, the CR-Scan Otter can handle a wide variety of object sizes. This device is designed to meet a wide range of scanning requirements and can be applied to medical, AR/VR, reverse engineering, and 3D printing applications.

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High Precision and Wide Scanning Range

Every detail is faithfully captured thanks to its advanced four-lens stereo vision, which has two sets of lenses for small- and large-scale pictures. Without the need for preparation sprays, the scanner uses cutting-edge algorithms and technologies to provide high-definition scans and seamless operation, especially on difficult surfaces like metallic or dark objects.

With eight infrared lights, the scanner can track marker points on objects with fewer different scanning features, which results in more accurate scans. For items that require a high degree of precision, this marker mode works particularly well. Up to 0.02 mm is the maximum precision of the scanner.

The scanner is equipped with sophisticated DOE (Diffractive Optical Element) 3D structure-light technology, which allows it to function well in a variety of environmental conditions, including direct sunshine (<30000 lux).

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Safety & Software

The Otter is equipped with cutting-edge safety features, including the utilization of near-infrared light for human scans, enhancing precision and user protection. Its ability to function in outdoor settings and perform full-color scans further enhances its usefulness in a variety of scanning scenarios.

The scanner is accompanied by the user-friendly CrealityScan software, a professional 3D scanning program that provides advanced features for image and point cloud processing. This software streamlines the scanning process through easy-to-follow tutorials, rapid model processing, and editing tools, ensuring a smooth beginning to your scanning endeavors.

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Creality CR-Scan Otter

With its precision up to 0.02mm, the CR-Scan Otter excels in detailed 3D scanning across a wide range of object sizes, leveraging a dual lens setup. It simplifies scanning of traditionally challenging materials, such as black or metallic items, without the need for additional sprays.

  • – Accuracy: 0.02mm @ 60mm
  • – 3D Resolution: 0.05-2mm
  • – Scanning Speed: Up to 20fps
  • – Min. Scan Volume: 10mm x 10mm x 10mm
  • – Max. Scan Volume: 2000mm x 2000mm x 2000mm
  • – Single Capture Range: Max 1350mm x 840mm @ 1000mm
  • – Technology: Infrared structured light
  • – Working Distance: 110mm – 1000mm
  • – Color Mapping: Yes
  • – Alignment Modes: Geometry/Marker/Texture
  • – Output Format: OBJ/STL/PLY
  • – IMU: Yes
  • – Color Supplemental Light: 2 white LEDS
  • – Marker Recognition: Enhancement 8 infrared LEDs
  • – Laser Safety: Class 1 (eye safe)
  • – Device Dimensions: 165mm x 37mm x 59mm
  • – Device Weight: 390g

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